17 May 2022

The Origin of the Selam Hiwot School

In 2005 a school was inaugurated in Sebeta, financed by donations collected by members of the former district of Immenstadt Germany. This was the beginning of the "Selam Hiwot School", which is mainly attended by "AIDS orphans" and "street children".
"Selam Hiwot School", that is several schools in the Addis Ababa area, which are planned, executed and operated by the New Apostolic Church as an overall project - together with an Ethiopian aid organization, the "Selam Hiwot Street Children Prevention and Rehabilitation Organization".

Growth of the school needed a second extension

The first extension was necessary in 2019. The school was very attractive for many children who were in need.  In the meantime the school has approx. 600 pubils. So it was necessary to extend the school building a sociond time . Apostle Bauer did the dedication on the 17.5.2022