The history of the New Apostolic Church in Ethiopia

Creation of congregations in Ethiopia

In the year 1980 the creation of congregations in Ethiopia began.

Apostle Wilbert Vovak came from  Canada   and brought the New Apostolic Church to the country.


The first congregations

In Addis Abeba and in Ambo the first congragations were established.

Additional missionary activities from Germany

At the end of 1991, Chief Apostle Richard Fehr decided that in addition to the Apostle District of Canada, the Apostle District of Württemberg would also carry out missionary work in Ethiopia in the future. The Apostle district of Canada was assigned the western part of the country and the Apostle district of Württemberg the eastern part.

In the beginning Apostle Keck served in Ethiopa supported by Bishop Eckhardt. After his retirement Apostle Eckhardt took responsibility for the country.

Establishing the congregation Dire Dawa

Due to this regulation it was possible to establish the New Apostolic congregation Dire Dawa from the Apostle District of Württemberg in 1991.



Additional congregations were established

In the following years another 9 congregations have been founded:
Harrar, Nazreth, Holeta, Ginchi, Woliso, Sebeta, Debre Zeit, Gondar and Gambela with a total of over 1,000 brothers and sisters.

Ordinations in Dire Dawa

In January 1992, Apostle Helmut Keck and Bishop Günther Eckhardt again traveled to Dire Dawa.
Another 46 believers were sealed, and the congregation received additional ministers, a priest and two deacons.



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Congregation in Harar

Among Muslims, this place is considered the fourth most important Holy City after Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem.
In December 1992, Apostle Helmut Keck was able to rent a house in Harrar.
He sealed the first seven believers there. The congregation grew and local ministers were ordained.

Dedication of the new church building in Dire Dawa

As the first congregation of Ethiopia Dire Dawa got an own church building in 2003.
More than 300 guests and 100 sisters and brothers participated in  this historic event.    

Dedication Church building in Addis Abeba

Addis Abeba was the first congregation of the New Apostolic Church in Ethiopia founded in 1991.

in July 2004, the congregation received a church-owned building with seminar rooms and living facilities for missionaries.

Humanitarian aid of the New Apostolic Church

New Apostolic Christians from the church district of Immenstadt (Allgäu) have donated for the construction of a school in Sebeta.
Thus the project "Selam Hiwot School" in Sebeta could be started.
In 2005, the first school building was inaugurated.
In February 2006, the school received another building from funds of the mission organisation.

Retirement Apostle Eckhardt - Ordination of Apostle Bauer

After retirement of Apostle Eckhardt in December 2007,  Bishop Hans-Jürgen Bauer was ordained as an Apostle.

In this task he became also the responsible Apostle for Ethiopia.